For whom

Social impact

We help charities and cultural organizations to increase social impact and resounding results. Organizations can quickly and securely raise money while providing more information and creating awareness around their issue.

Broadly applicable

From collectors to culture visitors, from event participants to donors. Mobile journeys connect to the needs and the contact with your target group.


Online fundraising is now more accessible than ever. More and more people scan QR codes and reach out to their network through various social media including WhatsApp. This digital approach works very well to reach, connect and activate donors and collectors for charity organizations. The mobile phone is a powerful tool that most people have within reach. This makes it a tool that is easy to use in order to get a relevant message on the recipient's mind at the right moment.
"Thecooperation was very pleasant because the lines were short, there was a lot of flexibility from MIC and we had a lot to gain from their expertise."
Sharon Blokhuis, regional coordinator ZOA Foundation

Cultural sector

A museum, cultural heritage or art organisation wants to give its visitors an optimal experience. Not only to encourage repeat visits or to turn them into ambassadors. Also to provide background information that provides extra depth. With mobile journeys this experience is offered in an accessible way before, during and after the visit. If visitors are touched, the step to fundraising, ticket sales and lead generation is easily made.
"Tales of Culture is a very direct and personal way to add depth to the exhibition and enthuse our audience. It is of absolute added value to our exhibition. We are extremely happy with the result."
Sophie van Steenderen | Curator City Museum Harderwijk


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