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MIC is short for Mobile Interaction Company and was founded in 2017 based on the belief that organizations can reach many people with little personal data (small data).

MIC responds to the trend of which consumers are increasingly reluctant to share their personal data with organizations. In addition, legislation and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. MIC's Mobile Journeys enable organizations to reach many people with little data.

MIC's services are facilitated by technology. But in our services, people are always the main focus. We think in terms of people, not target groups or customers. We think in terms of ambitions and motivation and not in terms of employees. We think in terms of long-term goals and not just short-term results. We listen, pay attention and put energy into the people behind the story. Because only then can you really build lasting relationships.


MIC partners with professional organizations to offer the best, full-service solutions to its clients. By partnering with organisations, the possibilities with Mobile Journeys are even greater.

This enables us to offer our clients an even better experience and fundraising solutions. Together we push the boundaries of what is technologically possible and bring ideas to life.

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Managing & Marketing Director
"Giving and getting energy from building, positioning and growing. That's how I want to make a difference."
campaign manager
"A job with meaning. That is what I am going for!"
campaign manager
"Providing our customers with a perfect customer and mobile journey."
creative director
"As a creative at MIC, I like to bite into client challenges."
project director
project director
project director
Project Director
"Critical and dedicated. Even under hectic circumstances, my eye is on the finishing touches."
campaign creator
"From an internship at MIC to my first job! I am very excited to continue as a campaigner and continue to make an impact!"
lead developer

"Solve problems and push boundaries in a practical way"
project director
project director
project director
campaign manager
"I accept every challenge to make the assignment a success!"
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