Let's Celebrate

Let's celebrate to mark momentous occasions in honor of charities
Let your supporters mark their momentous occasion by raising funds for your charity. With a journey and a personal message, friends and family of the person celebrating are invited to make a donation to your charity as an alternative to giving a gift. All thinkable offline and online media can be used as a starting point for the journey. Similar to Peer to Peer fundraising 365 , the celebrant can personalize its page with a motivation and photo. With text, images and video, the charity can explain what the proceeds will be spent on.

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"A perfect way to mark momentous moments in honor of charities. For birthdays, weddings, corporate anniversaries and so on.
Why of interest?
You want to offer your supporters the opportunity to mark their momentous moment by raising funds as an alternative to receiving gifts. 

You want to enable your supporters to approach their network in a fast and personal way. This could be a new target group for you.

You want to initiate an accessible way of structural fundraising, with little or no need for the internal IT department.
Partygoers who collect have direct access to their proceeds via their personal page.

Cash is no longer needed; digital donations are safe and usually consist of higher and rounded amounts.

Low investment costs.

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