Tales of Culture

Share stories, extend the cultural visit and raise funds
The stories and secrets behind locations, works of art or other cultural attractions give visitors the depth that creates a unique (educational) experience: an effect you want to achieve with your museum, exhibition or cultural event. Almost every visitor has a mobile phone in their pocket to scan the QR codes.

How it works:
1. Visitors scan a QR code that can be found on or near an object
2. The story with illustrations and/or videos opens on the mobile phone
3. Under the story, the visitor can make a donation, leave details for a newsletter, for example, and/or share the story with others via WhatsApp or other social media

More possibilities:
- Searches, short quizzes or surveys
- Indoor and outdoor routes
- Activate visitors to visit the museum restaurant
- Order an object directly for collection in the museum shop
- .... there are many possibilities that we would like to explore with you

With the MaQRs, authorised (museum) staff can add unlimited stories and photos independently and in real time. With the OndeQRs, visitors can start the stories.

Try Tales of Culture yourself
With this interactive demo you will experience in real time how Tales of Culture works and you will discover the possibilities for your organisation.
What can you do with it?

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"Tales of Culture is a very direct and personal way of adding depth to an exhibition, enthusing our audience. It is an absolute added value to our exhibition. We are extremely happy with the results.
Sophie van Steenderen
Curator Museum Harderwijk
Why of interest?
You add depth to the cultural visit without having to call on extra volunteers.

Visitors can share information with their network that incites them to visit or to visit another cultural organisation or event.

You can ask visitors for a donation in exchange for extra content.
You remain in sight in an accessible, non-intrusive manner, even after the cultural visit.

Visitors can make an audio tour with their mobile phone in a hygienic way.

Current content can be added to the mobile tour with a simple operation.

Low investment costs.

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