Club Savings 365

Raising money for your club. For various purposes, all year round.

Every club has a list of new materials, activities or renovation jobs. All in the interest of improving the experience of its members. Why not fill the club's savings account with the efforts of its members? With Club Savings 365, mobile journeys offers the solution of making members enthusiastic in a fun and fast way to safely raise money.

With a few clicks, members can reach out to their family, friends and colleagues to support their club. A new fundraiser can be started at any time, allowing for serveral custimization options. The proceeds can be tracked in real time.

A sports association or a sponsor of an umbrella organisation could be the initiator to easily scale up Club Savings 365 to multiple clubs. The mobile journey includes the name, logo, and proposition of the potential organisation that makes Club Savings 365 available. Everyone who uses Club Savings is automatically introduced to the story of the sports association, sponsor or umbrella organisation in question.

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What can you do with it?

Activate and enthuse



Generate leads

Unlimited fundraising


"Do the math: A club or association saves together for an outdoor hall so that winter sports are also possible. Each member reaches his own network with a simple WhatsApp message. These are 30 colleagues, friends, relatives and acquaintances. In this message the member asks for a small contribution and 50% gives €2.

If a club or association has 500 members, how much money does it raise? And how many people see the proposition of the organisation that makes this way of fundraising possible?
Why of interest?
Benefits for the club
Start fundraising at any time

Unlimited and safe fundraising

Insight into the costs in advance; no settlements afterwards

Activating, motivating and increasing the fundings in the club

Real-time information about the fundings
Benefits for the sponsor, association or umbrella organisation
Bring relevant propositions to the attention of a large network

Stimulate branding and sales

Offer a relevant, innovative and distinctive proposition to clubs

Reach (new) target groups via the mobile phones of club members

Easily scale up to other clubs

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