Event 365

Leverage the fundraising power of community
Start a movement by empowering your supporters to organize events to collect donations on your behalf: Bake offs, car washes and charity runs are just some ideas of events that can be organised. The single form sing-up lets your fundraisers get started raising money right away through their own personalized campaign pages. In addition you can empower your fundraisers with tips, templates and ideas for spreading the word, helping them to reach out to their family, friends and colleagues.

Setup triggers to recognize the achievements your supporters are making. Generate triggers based on amounts raised, goals achieved and activity. Did your supporter reach a milestone that calls for a celebration? How about some confetti falling to reward. Style your badges and rewards to reflect your brand. Ask donors for their details and opt-in, and you have generated a new lead for the follow-up communication.

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" Empower your community to help them support your mission ".
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Start an event at any desired time

Unlimited fundraising

Make fundraising more fun as part of a team

Let events help you build relationships and increase engagement
Progress meters can track and exhibit donations in seconds

Transparant pricing; no settlements afterwards

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