Peer to Peer fundraising 365

Mobile collecting 365 days a year for a boundless reach and continuous income
Outside fixed collection moments, such as the annual collection week, mobile collecting is also a solution for fundraising organisations. All thinkable offline and online media can be used to start mobile journeys. Networks can be invited to donate anonymously, quickly and using their mobile phones at relevant moments throughout the year. With stories about the goal, explanations, tips and triggers, ambassadors are informed and activated.

As with the Peer to Peer fundraising , collectors can see their yield in real time on their personal page and video animations can be used to increase the experience and involvement.

Experience Peer to Peer fundraising 365 yourself
This interactive demo will give you a real-time experience of how Peer to Peer fundraising 365 works and will help you discover what the possibilities are for your organisation.
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What can you do with it?

Activate and enthuse



Generate leads

Raise unlimited funds


P2P Fundraising 365 provides excellent opportunities for organisations, other than charities for continuous activation and revenue.

"Anyone can raise funds any desired time. Within minutes, supporters have their fundraising page all set up and are ready to go.
Why of interest?
You want to connect structurally with your volunteers, activate and enthuse them for your cause.

You want to offer your supporters the best experience. Mobile fundraising, without having to leave home. 

New volunteers can join at any time.

Volunteers reach their network in a fast and personal way, which can be leveraged into a new target group for you.
Collectors have direct access to their own and total proceeds via their personal page.

Cash is no longer needed; digital donations are safe and usually consist of higher and rounded amounts.

You want to launch a mobile Peer to Peer fundraising easily, with little or no need for the internal IT department.

Low investment costs.

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