About the project

By scanning QR codes, an audio tour through Haarlem can be listened to at any desired moment.

Tales of Culture

How the stories of vulnerable inhabitants of Haarlem can be listened to at any time in an audio tour of Haarlem

The Stem in de Stad Foundation offers a lively and safe meeting place for vulnerable inhabitants of Haarlem who are having a hard time and are not always heard or seen. Besides the beautiful places in Haarlem, the foundation also wants to show the frayed edges, special stories and memories of vulnerable people.

Stem in de Stad asked MIC, together with Roorda Reclamebureau and STARTPR NL, to make an audio tour that shows and tells about the seamy side of Haarlem.

What we did

In the centre of Haarlem, special paving stones have been placed at twelve locations. Each has a unique QR code. The paving stones symbolise places where these inhabitants of Haarlem have special memories. Their stories can be heard during an audio tour, which listeners can track by scanning the QR codes on their mobile phones. They then enter the mobile journey that serves as the guide for this special city walk. This tour can be started at any time and place.

The twelve locations where the QR pavement tiles are located are: Amsterdamse Poort, Kenaupark, Café Brinkmann, Café De Koning, Stadsschouwburg, Opvang Wilhelminastraat, Station Haarlem (taxi rank), Parking Monkey Town, Albert Heijn Grote Houtstraat, Stedelijk Gymnasium, Pathé Bioscopen and Stem in de Stad.

The Haarlem mayor Jos Wienen officially opened the tour at the end of April 2021. In the first two weeks after going live, over 500 people started the audio tour. A very promising first result!

"It got time to approach not only funds but also the citizens of Haarlem. It is in the end about their vulnerable 'fellow citizens'. Therefore, with this highly creative and mobile campaign, we not only want to increase our awareness, but also hope that it will become a soil for financial support". - Paul Beerkens, chairman Stem in de Stad

"As a PR agency for non-profit organisations, we are always looking for new creative ways to tell our clients' stories. MIC's mobile journeys have succeeded perfectly. It makes real stories of vulnerable inhabitants of Haarlem accessible to the public in an accessible way and easy to give." - Lalita de Goederen, Founder STARTPR NL


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