About the project

The results of an elaborate collector and donor journey.

Collecting week

How the Dutch Kidney Foundation has attracted donors and raised € 380,000 with the QR code on the collection box and mobile collection

Encouraging collectors to actively collect for you contributes to a high collection yield. And making an impact with your story, ensures a greater commitment to your mission and a long-term relationship with the collector and donor. With these goals in mind, Nierstichting built out the collector and donor journey with the use of MIC's mobile journey platform. The result:


Contacting collectors via SMS and e-mail

Collectors were invited to collect in two ways: by SMS and email. Over 31,000 people received a message by SMS and 14,000 by e-mail, giving them access to their personal page with information on the mobile collection and the possibilities to start. In total, 38% of the invited collectors opened the mobile journey by clicking on their personal link. In the first contact moment, the collectors from the SMS segment click on the 'collect button' more often on average (4.3 times) than the collectors from the e-mail segment (1.7 times). Therefore SMS seems to be an attractive means to activate the collectors.

Personal page

Every collector could see the intermediate score on his own page. This page also offered the opportunity to describe a personal motive or experience. With this personal story the collectors could 'touch' the donors and add more value to the goal of the Nierstichting.

Collecting and learning about salt and kidneys

With a push on the collection button, collectors used WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media to invite their supporters to donate. At the same time collectors with a physical collection box and a personal iDEAL QR code collected door-to-door. After each successful mobile payment an interactive chat with the donor was started immediately. In this chat, people could learn more about the recommended daily salt intake, the functioning of the kidneys and the importance of the work of the Kidney Foundation. Almost 7,000 people participated.


Now that the donors were fascinated about the subject, the next step was easy: when they left their personal details, they received a recipe booklet with salt-aware and autumn recipes. In this way, the Dutch Kidney Foundation was able to motivate a large group of people to adopt a more salt-conscious lifestyle. And with this they acquired almost 2.400 warm leads, which they can follow up on very specifically.


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