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Total revenue was 10% higher than in 2020


Optimised journey contributes to higher yield per lantern compared to 2020

KWF's question
"Activate lantern donors, involve them in the campaign and get them out of the anonymity".

The annual initiative Nederland Geeft Licht (The Netherlands Gives Light) has again been set up by KWF in 2021. People can donate a lantern, especially for their loved one who is affected by cancer. A mobile journey then helped them to invite others to contribute to this lantern, the proceeds of which went to KWF. In contrast to previous years, this year the lighting moment was entirely digital, being broadcast on SBS6 on 19 December.

What did KWF do differently than in 2020? (create link to case)

Since this edition of Nederland Geeft Licht, it is now possible to leave a personal message with your name after making a donation. With this option a contributor can make himself known on the donation page which makes his donation personal(er) and increases the involvement of both the contributor and the lampdonor.

From this donation page, an invitation was made to donate a lantern (as a participant). With this simple call-to-action, a mobile journey contributed to the yield of extra lanterns. This was a 'feature' that was high on the agenda after last year's campaign and has been realised for 2021.

Also new is the sending of triggers. After 3, 10, 20 and 50 donations, a lamp donor received a text message with a link to a mobile journey. This thanked him for his efforts and encouraged him to invite more people to donate. As the trigger messages increased, you saw the number of recipients and thus unique clicks decrease, but the average number of clicks increase. That says a lot about a club of involved fans and the appreciation for the triggers.

KWF about MIC

Jasper Vosbergen, Chief Customer Officer at KWF: "Together with MIC we make the lantern journey even more user-friendly every year".

The mobile journey of KWF - Netherlands gives light


More revenue was generated with fewer lanterns. This is partly due to more donations and a higher average yield per lantern, compared to 2020.

Results of KWF - Nederland geeft licht


After each donation, a donor was asked to opt-in for the newsletter. This resulted in over 500 new opt-ins for the KWF newsletter, which offers great opportunities to build a relationship with possible new structural donors.

Suggestions for 2022

This year, triggers were used to stimulate lampion donors to raise more donations. Next year, these triggers can be expanded to also activate inactive participants and to offer participation as an option. The digital lantern field can also be made even more personal by, for example, assigning photos, texts and names.

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