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An interactive journey with QR codes

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An interactive journey with QR codes through Amsterdam's largest museum

Seven stations. Eight works of art. Eight stories. From 8 October, the Noord/Zuidlijn will be offering travellers a museum tour of unique works of art. All travellers can experience the stories about the works of art on their mobile phone.

Travellers scan the special QR codes at seven of the eight metro 52 stations. Through their mobile phones, they enter the world of the creators and the stories behind their works of art. While waiting on the platforms for the metro or while being transported, they can be moved by the stories behind the works of art, such as Sippin Colors', 'I want a permanent wave', or 'Ramses Shaffy, Levenslijnen'.

Joint approach
Already during the opening of the North/South Line in 2018, DestinationArt provided guided tours along the artworks in the metro stations. These physical tours are still taking place. GVB and the City of Amsterdam wanted to join forces to give a gift to the travellers of Amsterdam around this North/South line. DestinationArt and MIC were brought into contact through a mutual relationship and developed the idea of a mobile journey along the North/South line.

DestinationArt, as the content provider, determined and developed the stories, audio fragments, videos and images. MIC then made this content accessible on mobile phones. By scanning one of the special QR codes at the stations, travellers are simply 'taken' along the art route.

The intention was to offer the interactive tour via QR codes to visitors and travellers as early as 2020. But Corona threw a spanner in the works and public transport in our country fell by the wayside. The stickers with the QR codes were left on the shelf out of necessity. At the time, that was a disappointment. But since October 2021, the gift of GVB and the City of Amsterdam to the travellers is finally visible to everyone: the regained mobility of the travellers was celebrated with the mobile, interactive journey along the impressive works of art.

The first results
It is good to see that the QR codes are being scanned more and more often. And with an average page-visit time of just under one and a half minutes, we can safely say that the user finds the information attractive. Once travellers have entered the journey, they often move on to several pages in the journey. The Vijzelgracht location is a popular one, according to scan statistics.

Many parties were involved in the realisation of this gift to Amsterdam's travellers. Because everyone had their own clear role, and was able to contribute their own expertise to this mobile journey, the cooperation was constructive and pleasant. "We worked together on this project with great enthusiasm. It was a real disappointment that we could not go live earlier due to the Corona measures. But fortunately everyone can now enjoy the stories behind the works of art," says Renie Hylkema, communications strategist at Metro and Tram of the municipality of Amsterdam, and together with GVB co-responsible for this QR code project.

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