About the project

How Hartstocht matched the experience of a major event.


How can we give participants of the alternative 11strandentocht the experience that they are participating in a major event?

The annual event 11strandentocht (walk from Bloemendaal to Hoek van Holland) of the Dutch Heart Foundation did not take place because of the measures against the spread of the corona virus. Corona has a major impact on Dutch society, including the Dutch Heart Foundation. Donations are badly needed for important life-saving corona heart research.

Thus arose the initiative: Hartstocht, the sturdiest walk from home for the heart with the desire to match the success of the 11strand tour but taking into account the current corona measures.

That's why the Heart Foundation asked MIC the question:

Help us to give the participants of the alternative 11strand walk the experience of a great event, now that they are walking individually from their front door.

The solution: Passion Buddy journeys

Bi-weekly mobile inspiration journeys (Passion Buddy) that help participants prepare and keep the event on top of mind.

The Heart Trip event started with a text message from the Heart Trip Buddy. The text message contained a link to a personal page which was linked to the action platforms of the Dutch Heart Foundation. In this way participants were approached personally. On the personal page activating and enthusing content about the heart could be found. Participants were also able to view their own and their total score. And they could share sponsor requests to raise even more money for the Dutch Heart Foundation within their own network.

The second solution: Stampede journeys

Stamp post journeys during the walk on October 3, 2020 for motivation and support.

Saturday 3 October was the day... participants could start from the Eroutes app. They themselves determined the route and where they encountered the stamp post journeys during the walk.

Depending on the number of kilometers the participants walked, they encountered an average of 8 mobile stamp posts and at each stamp post they received a motivational message from ambassadors, cardiologists and patients. In addition, participants could send messages from the stamp post journeys to their supporters to ask even more people to sponsor them.


The Hartstocht event has been a great (online) success. In total almost 5.000 walkers signed up. Together they walked more than 41.000 km through the country! Along the way there was entertainment all day long via the virtual stamp posts in the Eroutes app. This resulted in a wonderful total amount of € 268.957,- euro for the Corona Heart research of the Dutch Heart Foundation.


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